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A young Latina -- Jenny Maria Vasquez -- invokes black magic to talk with her dead mother. Instead she conjures up the long-dormant spirit of a Chumash Shaman who lost his beloved daughter during a smallpox outbreak two centuries ago. Believing Jenny is the reincarnation of his daughter, the Shaman uses his dark magic to control Jenny, her cousin and their boyfriends, herding them to a ram-shackled farmhouse where they hide out from drug cartel killers searching for Jenny’s errant boyfriend. It is here that the Shaman cursed the world and sealed the souls of his dying village in the giant oak tree behind the farmhouse. Jenny uses her black magic one more time to confront and defeat the Shaman, saving her friends. In doing so, Jenny is able to put the world right again.Synopsis coming soon

© 2013 by CineCal Entertainment, Inc.

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