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International, multi-billionaire TOBIAS STONE summons his top five lieutenants for a “crucial” yet life-changing meeting. You never say no to Tobias twice, so JIM STRATTONI, Senior V.P. of Sales, DARCEE LYONS, V.P. of Marketing, MAURICE MAYFIELD, Head of I.T., KYLE SHYMONSKY, V.P. of Physical Operations and ISABEL BARNES, Tobias’ executive assistant find themselves on the corporate jet bound for Tobias’ secluded beach house. Via satellite link, Tobias tells his Gang of Five that over this weekend they must create, flesh out, and actuate a plan to launch a new product worth billions world-wide from a little-known company he has in his quiver of companies. It will be a contest. Whoever comes up with best plan will get financial security beyond their wildest dreams. The rest of them get nothing. Imagine if you will that you are part of a pack of wolves, Tobias tells his minions, find a way to become the alpha wolf or die trying.


During the first night at the beach house, the employees party hard.  On a mission to find more ice, Kyle stumbles over a coffin-sized wooden crate in the garage. When the others see the box, the impulse to open

it is overwhelming, very near demanding. They succumb to their desires

and lift the lid off the crate. It is then that they discover… The Doll.  She has alabaster skin, and impassive yet soulful eyes. The perfect figure.  Life-sized, yet not quite alive. She is much more than just a doll in sexy lingerie. She reflects, and absorbs, the deepest and darkest parts of one’s soul. She is simultaneously real and not real. She is something in between, and something beyond. A new creation born into this world.


They drunkenly toy with the doll, a member of the group by proxy. But stewing in the back of their collective minds are a few major questions: is this a joke? What is this thing? Why is it here?


One by one each person has their own encounter with the Doll revealing their innermost selves:DARCEE is a willful vixen that will play any card, do any thing to win; JIM takes epicurean pleasure in life, business, and pays the ultimate price for that pleasure; MAURICE is an engineering genius whose family life has taken a terminal turn; ISABEL is Tobias’ executive assistant, a drug addict numbing her soul from an unsavory secret tied to Tobias himself; and finally KYLE has the street smarts but lacks the corporate finesse to cash in on the information he puts together about their mission.


Through alliances and betrayals the employees vie for the ultimate prize -- little realizing that what they seek is in front of them the whole time.  They and Tobias discover that the Doll is something they should have never played with. After all, some boxes aren’t meant to be opened.

© 2013 by CineCal Entertainment, Inc.

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